Digitize are three, long time friends - myself (Mike), Chris and Rob. Between us we've been producing music for about 40 years combined. We've been signed to several labels, had our music played out in clubs throughout the North West and on many North West radio stations by some of the biggest DJs in the country and generally enjoyed a lot of success without actually *making it* to the big time. We continue on for the love of what we do and, of course, because we have such a laugh doing it! We've now just taken the reigns of record label Ultimate Dance Digital, thus starting a new chapter in the story of Digitize.

Chris Hart Digitize
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At 6' 7" the nickname 'Big Chris' is certainly no misnomer. Chris is a manager in the audio department at one of the UK's largest PC hardware suppliers and as such has his finger firmly on the pulse of the latest studio equipment / software. Building ridiculously powerful PC rigs by day and rocking the studio at night as an arrangement specialist and sound designer, Chris is an essential part of Digitize.

Mike Chadwick Digitize
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Mike - let's go third person here - is a, errr, Mike of all trades. Scratch DJ, vinyl collector, piano player, producer and, most crucially, studio engineer - Mike is most at home sat behind a mixing desk - albeit a virtual one - in Cubase compressing, EQ-ing, sculpting and crafting Digitize's music. Known as DJ Ogle, in tribute to best friend Gary 'Ogle' Odlum who passed away in 2000. Never forgotten.

Rob Whittaker Digitize
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If Chris is known as 'Big Chris' perhaps Rob should be known as 'Little Rob.' Quiet, unassuming, yet get this man behind our Virus TI synthesiser and he transforms into a colossus, producing a never ending stream of incredible melodies, chord progressions and compositions. And, annoyingly, he makes it all look so effortless. I guess some people just have the gift and Rob undoubtedly does.

You can find our music in many online music stores. Follow the links below to support us if you really like what we do! We'll try and not spend the £1 or thereabouts per track all at once! If you don't think it's worth it then just download them for free on our music page. Your choice!

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As a music technology tutor of over ten years, teaching everything from DJ-ing, scratching, music production, studio engineering and sound design it's fair to say I'm pretty good at it and, over the years, have taught hundreds of people of all ages, experience levels and genders. If you're interested in learning any of the above, whether you're a beginner, intermediate or even an expert (we can always improve our skills!) don't hesitate to get in touch through my contact page.

Our Studio

We also offer studio sessions in which we make you a track of any style of your choice - you choose the melodies, the vocals, the arrangement, the sounds and we make it all for you - original tracks, remixes, mashups... whatever you want. It's a service that's very popular, particularly with DJs. If your track's good enough we'll also sign it to UDDigital, give you a record deal and release it to over a dozen online music stores including the ones above. Not bad eh?! Drop me a line if you're interested here.