I'm a passionate JavaScript / HTML5 developer who's worked with a multitude of prolific UK companies. Currently I'm building some cool libraries and frameworks for AO.com for whom I'm a front end dev. Here are a handful of older projects and stuff I've worked on.

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Simple Lighting

A mobile friendly game for Simple Lighting to help promote their LED products.

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Corney & Barrow

A Storefront based .Net project for wine merchant Corney & Barrow.

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Fortnum & Mason

Stylish, cross email-client / device, magazine style HTML emails for legendary Fortnum & Mason.

One of the coolest things I made was my final year project at uni - a real-time testing system for primary schools with Node.js, Socket.IO, Express & MongoDB. Teachers could create, save, share and schedule tests, during which they could monitor any chosen pupil's test in real-time - watching what they clicked on, which question they were on, what questions they'd answered correctly (and incorrectly) etc. It marked and graded tests, created graphs of results and lots of other cool stuff too.

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Wex Photographic

An EPiServer project with a pretty complex front end Bootstrap based system for which I did the majority of front end work.

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Image Editing Tool

A single paged JavaScript / HTML5 / PHP image cropping / re-sizing tool using Canvas filters.

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Text Search Tool

A mobile friendly tool to search through text for words, patterns, punctuation etc.

Like most devs I've worked with a variety of languages and platforms. Despite the sun setting on Flash I loved ActionScript 3, it was my introduction to object oriented programming. C# and .Net were my introduction into server-side development, closely followed by PHP. jQuery introduced me to JavaScript and opened my eyes to what could be done plugin-free in the browser.

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Web Components

A simple demo of HTML custom elements using Shadow DOM, Polymer.js and HTML Imports.

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Flash MP3 Player

A custom MP3 player built with ActionScript3. Works best in Chrome.

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Google Maps API

A neat little Google Maps directional tool using HTML5 Geolocation.

The websites / apps / games / tools / demos on this page are only a drop in the ocean of the projects I've worked on. I really need to start blogging about some of the new stuff!